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What did Speaker Pelosi know and when did she know it?


A predator Congressman, Eric Massa, wrecks havoc on his staff by sexually harrassing and groping male members and sexually assaults men in the military for a decade yet Speaker Pelosi sat on her hands and looked the other way the whole time and blocked investigations.

In fact the Ethics Committee closed the investigation after stalling it for months. It needs to re-open the investigation and it needs to condemn whoever covered it up, including censuring Pelosi if she indeed tried to cover up the crimes.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's aides knew about concerns over ex-Rep. Eric Massa's behavior as far back as October, Fox News says this is raising the possibility that the scandal could dog Democratic leaders even though Massa is now out of office.

Read the full report from Fox News here

Congressman Eric Massa resigned only after evidence surfaced but years of protests, complaints and testimony against Massa was dismissed by the liberal Speaker and Massa's politically correct superiors in the military as well.

The decision to resign came a day after the House ethics committee said it is investigating allegations made against Massa.

The Associated Press reports that Massa's resignation comes as the ethics committee was reviewing a harassment complaint by a male staff member who reportedly felt uncomfortable in a situation with Massa that had sexual overtones.

But in fact, Massa attacked many others and victimized men who served with him in the miliary as well according to on-air testimony from an investigator who received the reports on a first person basis for a decade.

Peter Clarke is a former shipmate who feels especially sorry for Congressman Massa's family.

Clarke's coming forward with disgusting and lurid details now "largely against the wishes of his friends" because he doesn't want anyone else to be victimized. "For years he's (Massa's) been abusing people and getting away with it."

Clarke has repeated his allegations in dozens of interviews and in live interviews including the Sean Hannity Radio Show today.

Clarke says Massa physically assaulted a roommate in an obscene manner, massaged another male serviceman against his will, and, as a superior officer, daily appeared at a washroom next to the showers to watch young servicemen in the early morning.

"He was a freak" said one former servicemember.

"The guy's a freak," a close friend of one embattled Massa aide told the Daily News.

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