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WH Chief Emanuel Naked Fight With Massa:"Son of the devil's spawn" versus "Freak of Congress"?

White House Chief Rahm Emanuel Naked Fight With Massa?
"son of the devil's spawn" versus "freak of Congress"

Just days ago, former Congressman Eric Massa detailed how the President and his chief of staff pushed him to vote for their socialist budget and federal takeover of health care. Appearing naked in the shower in the Congressional gym, Massa says Emanuel stabbed his finger into him was "yelling at me because I wasn't gonna vote for the president's budget,"

Public Advocate is demanding a full investigation into Massa and his abuse of his staff. Massa.

We have not forgotten that prior to the wall to wall coverage of recent days he claimed Obama and Emanuel are pushing him out of office to clear the way for health care reform.

While Massa now takes responsibility for his own actions, will Obama and Emanuel own up to their own role in this and come clean. Massa, who has no credibility, called Emanuel "son of the devil's spawn".

Republicans, in the minority and fair minded Democrats, in the majority, make up a clear majority on the Ethics Committee. It could be dispatched with unless everybody just wants this to drag out until national elections in the Fall.

If true, is it Emanuel's job to run around naked threatening Congressmen? Naked intimidation or just more routine- and bizarre - behavior for the extremist tactics of the Obama administration.

Larry King Show notwithstanding (sic).

Details at Fox TV News
Massa Details Naked Shower Fight With 'Son of the Devil's Spawn'