Defending the family

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This is not your father's Department of Education anymore. The federal department of education was founded to "fund" schools and created as merely a funding mechanism.

Now its a $15 billion monstrosity with tens of thousands of bureaurcrats and has overridden federal law prohibiting the teaching of curriculum. It is a propaganda arm for President Barrack Obama whenever he decides he needs a mandatory brainwashing for the nation's children.

Of course all of that is political hyperbole. Or is it? Why would every regional office of the federal department of education require the purchase of shotguns.

This online purchase order is for 27 guns, but the order states "LOP are designated as the only shotguns authorized for ED based on compatibility with ED existing shotgun inventory,..." so there is a large inventory of shotguns at the various department of education offices.

There have been no attacks on department of education facilities that the media has reported. Even the U.S. Post Office does not stock shotguns and we hear of incidents at those locations periodically.

Clearly another case for abolishing the department of education which has gotten way beyond its mission. (note to liberals: Abolishing a department is not a threat by the way, its a political promise to eliminate fraud and abuse of the taxpayer!)