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Virginia Lawmakers Introduce Pro-Marriage Constitutional Amendments

Falls Church, VA -- Public Advocate is proud to congratulate many of the Virginia lawmakers who have introduced proposed constitutional amendments to the Commonwealth's Constitution that would permanently limit marriage as a union between a husband and a wife. These brave lawmakers have heard the message of pro-family voters: the radical homosexual lobby must be stopped!

While the intentions of all the authors of these amendments are commendable, after consulting with legal council, Public Advocate is endorsing HJR 584 by Del. Robert G. Marshall which reads as follows:

"That marriage is essential to the liberty, happiness, and prosperity of a free and virtuous people and is the natural and optimal institution for uniting the two sexes in a committed, complementary, and conjugal partnership; for begetting posterity; and for providing children with the surest opportunity to be raised by their mother and father.

"Marriage is the legal union of one man and one woman as husband and wife, and no other combination of persons may be licensed to marry or recognized as a marriage by the government. A civil union, domestic partnership, or similar civil arrangement that purports to bestow the rights, privileges, or obligations of marriage upon unmarried persons may not be created, recognized, or enforced by the government. A civil arrangement forbidden by this section shall be void and unenforceable even if lawful elsewhere.

"A right, privilege, or obligation may be bestowed on an unmarried person by statute even if it is among the whole number of rights, privileges, and obligations of marriage, but no imitation of marriage may be created by the government."

Public Advocate believes that this amendment will best protect Virginia families for generations to come from activist judges or rogue bureaucrats who wish to unilaterally enact the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby. The amendment would also prohibit so-called "domestic partnerships," "civil unions," or any other government recognition of an "imitation of marriage" from being recognized.

While the intention of Sen. Stephen D. Newman, author of SJR 337, and Del. Kathy J. Byron, author of HJR 615 are admirable, Public Advocate believes that the do not adequately inoculate Virginia families from activist judges who may attempt to find a way around the language to allow or even mandate alternative unions for homosexual couples. Del. John Cosgrove's HJR 586 is almost identical to the Marshall language except that it omits the third paragraph.

Public Advocate intends to fight vigorously for the adoption of HJR 584 and is distributing a legal memorandum that analyzes all of the proposed amendments and supporting the Marshall text to Virginia lawmakers.

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