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Public Advocate: We write letters and more

Public Advocate: We write letters and more
Letter of Introduction from the President

Eugene Delgaudio

Many of you are visiting for the first time or hearing of Public Advocate of the United States for the first time. Welcome to our home.

This disaster of a president has resulted in many new people taking note of what is happening in Washington and some new groups sprouting up in opposition.

We are an old group of young-thinkers who use low budget high impact methods to spread a message of resistance to establishment liberal rule. Liberals rule with ruthlessness and a monopolist thinking that no challenge is worthy of their attention or respect.

This fosters the necessity of a minority to mobilize to become the majority and that is guaranteed by the Constitution. The news media has been fair for the most part, over the history of Public Advocate in reporting on some of our efforts. The major networks (Major News Media - MNM) have been the exception and along with CNN just pile on Sarah Palin, George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Ken Cuccinelli or any conservative group like Public Advocate but then if everybody listened to the major networks there would be fewer truth-seeking citizens discovering the truth and driving to major cities and Washington to protest.

And if the MNM and many print newspapers had more credibility than fewer people would be using the internet as a news source and to learn more about small membership (75,000 members) groups like Public Advocate of the United States.

Liberal groups both attack and demean allegations and communications from Public Advocate. Getting attacked is part ofthe mission of Public Advocate -- to foster debate. Some liberals shout in headlines: PLEASE ignore Public Advocate while attacking us.

America has 100s of good conservative groups but no other group does what our small group does and will do.

In a legal and effecient manner our non-profit group will reach a majority of Americans in the coming period of time.

Our small group, with the help of, perhaps, you and 75,000 others, will participate in key states in the future as we have done in the past few months and that will generate more controversy.

Public Advocate will hand out flyers in door to door efforts, place advertisements in newspapers and online internet locations, conduct news conferences, produce creative and traditional street theater, use facebook, pay for Robo calls to large but targeted general populations, and survey the general public using a variety of paperless methods.

Congressional staff may lock their doors and put the phone off the hook and turn off their computers during certain high traffic periods. Liberal members of Congress, in both parties, can put on halters and put in earplugs to keep out the din of protest. In the end Pubic Advocate will get them the message so that they can have the option to vote right or wrong on