Defending the family

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The media circus attack, led by extremists who hate conservatives, is simply garbage and you know it.

Crowds of visitors get the middle finger from Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, President Obama and this crowd gets run over by the arrogance and confrontation of a Speaker with armed guards sticking it to them in a royal heavy hand manner and they overreact.

Like it or not, large crowds turning out in Washington getting ignored by their Congress can be testy.

A few members of the Tea Party have never engaged in public protest of any kind and it shows. That is unfortunate. Most are genuine patriots who are the silent majority who have remained quiet most of their lives. That is a blessing to see them.

But it is more than that, groups of leftist actors with scripts written by the White House copy writers are marching through with their made up calls and shouts for violence. Which is what we condemn too.

Public Advocate uses strong words to turn out crowds and gets its message out through creative protest.

At no time in our history do we tolerate violence, threats or any illegal action. Our emphasis is on creative and peaceful acts.

We train and we teach in seminars and on college campuses. We condemn any person who refuses to adopt our peaceful policies and engage in violence or illegal acts as a policy.

We condemn calls for violence. We condemn anyone on the left or right that does violence and we also condemn those in the Obama Administration and their friends who organize small cadres of counter protesters who march with the Tea Party people and advocate anti-social activities.

That said: It is some in the left that protests Ann Coulter and closes her down. It is some in the left that calls for 2nd Bush to be killed as peaceful protest. It is the homosexuals who chant DEATH TO BUSH and marched against the first President Bush.


We ask for Speaker Pelosi and President Obama to invite Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Graham, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levine to the White House for coffee to show the world that they mean them well and to take some classes on states' rights taught by George Mason Law School and to visit Hillsdale College or the Heritage Foundation where principles of the free market and private enterprise are enshrined.

MSNBC: FBI looks into gas line cut

Public Advocate says "Arrest any and all connected to this incident" but do not associate it with responsible political discourse or make the Tea Party movement guilty by association.

Examples of Leftwing Media Hyperventilating about Leftists Pretending to Be Rightists

Huffington Post "Tea Party Protests: 'Ni**er,' 'Fa**ot' Shouted At Members Of Congress"

Huffinton Post runs photos of protesters holding signs advocating violence but leaves out who is holding the signs.

This shows complicity and demonstrates that leftists seeking to embarrass the Tea Party movement are infiltrating and acting in anti-social fashion.

Regarding the reprehensible racist comments on Sunday, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner of Ohio said, "The comments were "reprehensible and should not have happened, but let's not let a few isolated incidents get in the way of the fact that millions of Americans are scared to death" ("'Tea party' activists plan to fight on," March 24).,0,3257726.story