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NYT Attacks Pope & Blames Him for Liberal Crimes

NYT Attacks Pope & Blames Him for Liberal Crimes

Thats right, we said it. To paraphrase Mark Levine.

Liberals are responsible for policies leading to child molesting and violence against children, NOT the Pope.

Yet the New York Times is blaming the very conservative Pope for allowing child molesting to go on.

Public Advocate joins The Catholic League and says "The pope is a great man and is proud to stand by him.

The story is from 1980 and deals with routine referals of professional treatment required by medical authorities at the time (1980).

The Catholic League says the NYT is keeping the "flame alive" of an old story.

And liberals in the news media ignore any good news from the Catholic Church.

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League says "(In a recent report)There was a 36 percent decline in allegations of clergy sexual abuse between 2008 and 2009. As usual, most of the alleged offenders are either dead and buried, have already been thrown out of the priesthood, or are missing. There were six allegations made in 2009 involving minors. Six. As always, males are the preferred target." (for complete statement visit)

The report published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, not Public Advocate, gave an age breakdown but did not mention the significant role played by homosexuals. Media reports never mentioned it either.

If the New York Times was consistent, they would focus also on the court brief filed by Public Advocate and the pattern of child molesting done out of proportion to the general population among adult homosexuals.

And then look at the pattern of abuse of children in the teaching profession in the public school system or any other institution with a large number of young people (hospitals, sports leagues, other religious institutions).

Of course you could find dozens of stories about "PRIVATE SCHOOL" or "CHURCH LEADER" abusing children. Again the major media seems to give a free ride to liberal policies in public libraries, public schools, public sports programs and other places where the government or other liberal dominated institutions (like colleges) are involved.

So, the media is now attacking the pope.

Historically, liberals in the American Catholic Church recruit or encourage policies favorable to homosexual priests which in turn create, in the past, a climate in which the potential for abuse becomes more likely.

Homosexual priests along with liberal allies in the Catholic church promote liberal policies and turn away millions of traditionally-minded Catholics. This has been repeated over and over again for 30 years.

The NYT has been at the forefront of promoting the destruction of the Catholic Church and and any other moral group.

Lapsed vetting standards of the priests, adoption of
politically correct standards,infiltration of ideology
by the "Jesus is gay crowd" all have been hailed by the NYT and other liberal media.

And,yes, homosexual priests have been leaders in the so-called homosexual rights movement.

The NYT itself recently reported on the passing of one such national homosexual leader who was a priest. (obit at this link) .

When liberal priests increase the statistical probability of child molesting homosexuals ( who are in large proportion similar to the problem in the Boy Scouts of America which PA successfully fought) this results in more child abuse.

Today liberals who seek to destroy the Catholic church are blaming Pope Benedict who along with Pope John Paul II before him, is more conservative and has saved the Catholic church-- from the liberals!

The solution is to clear out all adult homosexuals from the priesthood and continue to enforce traditions in the Catholic church and not to liberalize. The Catholic Church and any institution seeking to preserve traditions must confront those who would force their bizare values on them.

There is no end to liberalism and its appetite for power and compliance with its ends. Even a slight move towards "progressiveness" or "tolerance" brings continued attacks from their ideologues.


Bad news about the Catholic Church is front-page news, but good news goes largely ignored. And the policies that create the problem in the first place are ignored and treated as "homophobic" while the same group (Boy Scouts or Catholic Church) is attacked for allowing it.

This is not just hypocrisy but subversive and corrupt and those who stand by and allow good institutions to be attacked in this manner are complicit in the subversion and corruption.

NYTimes: Transfer cleared by pope, priest molested again