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News Media Shows "The World Would Be Just Like the Catholic Church if not for Public Advocate"

News Media Shows "The World Would Be Just Like the Catholic Church if not for Public Advocate"


The news media would have you believe, by their wall to wall 24 hours a day 7 days a week coverage, that attacking the Roman Catholic Church for "allowing" pedophiles to run rampant is a moral crusade of the century. And it is "timely" during Easter and it is non-stop without a day going by condeming the Catholic Church.

The truth is many in the news media are simply licking the boots of the homosexual lobby in anticipation of a total victory over the pro-family movement.

Christians are stunned at the stridency of the attacks on obviously saintly people devoted to spiritual growth.

Moral men and women now understand and appreciate the singular role of Public Advocate in opposition to the selfish design of the political lobby known as the homosexual lobby.

Groups like the Catholic League and Public Advocate are all that stand between the wholesale assault on young men and children in general. Just a few 100 pro-family groups operating in their respective circles, cities or membership levels are all that oppose the homosexual lobby. Just a few million active political conservatives who know that many adult homosexuals prey on young men and turn them to homosexuality and will not ignore this truth.

If you accept what the news media says about the Catholic Church, then follow the logic of the news media for a minute.

A ban on those types of people who attack young men would be called for. That is what the Catholic Church in America has already done-- as a result of discovering homosexual pedophiles who prey on young men.

That is not what the news media is asking for in any of its wall to wall coverage.

The Catholic Church is the scene of the crime not the criminal.

If you believe what is happening in the Catholic Church can be prevented -- which we do believe-- then you advocate the prevention or elimination of the threat to young boys and children in general from the environment just like in real society.

The goal of the liberal media and allies of the homosexual lobby is to usher in and speed up the time when no one can stand against them as they purse their "right" to be priests, teachers, nurses, and day care operators without moral challenge.

Someday all of society will simply be a place for the new immoral order, where the new criminal will be those who wish to condemn homosexuality.

That is what they are doing to the Catholic Church, which has banned homosexuality.

A day will come where homosexual pedophiles can openly attack young men as a normal course of their routine "outreach" in public classrooms, parks, playgrounds, libraries, streets and yes, even churches.