Defending the family

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Nobody gets hurt at Public Advocate or Tea Party rallies or news conferences.

Public Advocate has previously exposed acts of violence, church burnings and disruptions by homosexual groups and their allies though.

Some liberals explicity threaten with violence and riots or civil disobediance as a normal course and get no outcry from the news media.

Here is a video of a large full scale riot in Arizona over the recent immigration law being passed recently downplayed as a "small riot". Don't expect to see it on the nightly news anytime soon.

From the Human Events online:

New aerial footage has surfaced of the violence that broke out at the Arizona state capitol building after a new illegal immigration bill was signed into law on Friday. In stark contrast to peaceful Tea Party rallies, the pro-illegal immigration protesters took to the streets pelting police with rocks and water bottles as a means to voice their discontent.