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Examiner Counter Attacks: Obama and Liberals Will Lose Arizona Battle

Examiner: Obama and Liberals Will Lose Arrizona Battle

(Heres)How Obama (will) lose Arizona immigration battle

The drafters of the law knew the lawsuit was coming; a lawsuit is always coming when a state tries to enforce the nation's immigration laws. What the drafters didn't expect was Obama's aggressive and personal role in trying to undermine the new measure.

The problem for Obama and Holder is that the people behind the new law have been through this before -- and won. Arizona is three-for-three in defending its immigration measures.

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The Washington Examiner has been relentless in their political assault on the President

Top 10 dumbest things said about the Arizona immigration law

The last few days have seen an extraordinary outburst of criticism of Arizona's new immigration law. In the nation's elite media outlets, its most respected commentators are portraying the law as an act of police-state repression. Many, if not all, of the specific criticisms can be refuted simply by reading the law itself, but others are more generalized criticisms of immigration enforcement. In any event, it's hard to choose the most over-the-top and wrongheaded commentary on the law, but here are ten choices, in no particular order. (If you don't know why a particular statement is wrong, you can check here, and here, and here, and here.)... for the ten dumbest things said, go to


A carefully crafted immigration law in Arizona


What America is Wash. Post's Michael Gerson living in?

What America is Gerson living in? No, we are not confronted by actors with heavy German accents demanding our papers. We are instead confronted routinely by people of all stripes asking to see our driver's license. When we board an airplane, we are asked to produce a government-issued photo ID, usually a driver's license. When we make some credit- or debit-card purchases in department stores, we are asked to produce a driver's license

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In response to critics, Arizona tweaks new immigration law

So now, in response to those critics, lawmakers have removed "lawful contact" from the bill and replaced it with "lawful stop, detention or arrest." In an explanatory note, lawmakers added that the change "stipulates that a lawful stop, detention or arrest must be in the enforcement of any other law or ordinance of a county, city or town or this state."