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Letter to Senators Proposing "Little Brothers Little Sisters" Protection

Dear Senator:

Recently the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBS) told all five hundred of its affiliate organizations that they must accept homosexual mentors into the organization. Furthermore the children's parents will not be told of the adult's sexual preference. Public Advocate believes that this policy puts children at risk and that action must be taken to protect these Little Brothers and Little Sisters.

BBBS is a private organization, but they work through federally funded public schools across America, essentially as an agent of those schools. No agency of a government-sponsored public school should knowingly hand over minor children under eighteen to adult homosexuals as a matter of policy.

This policy could even counteract protections that have been put into place by groups like the Boy Scouts of America by making children who are members of multiple youth organizations susceptible to sexual predators.

Public Advocate is therefore asking that you author and support legislation that would deny federal funding to any school which allows a group working through it, such as BBBS, to place a child and an adult homosexual in intimate contact with each other without parental notification and consent.

We also ask that you condemn in the strongest of terms the decision of BBBS to place American children at risk!

These actions are necessary to prevent the further victimization of children by sexual predators and should be implemented immediately.

It is a tragedy that a group that has provided worthy programs for children is recklessly abandoning the well being of children to satisfy the radical homosexual lobby.

As Americans we condemn NAMBLA (The North American Man Boy Love Association) and those that have invaded the Catholic Church for their own sexual agenda, because they victimize innocent children. It is time that we protect the rights of Little Brothers and Little Sisters like we have protected the rights of Boy Scouts.


Eugene Delgaudio
Executive Director