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Today's Headlines: Crews Depart With Giant Box To Help Gulf Oil Leak

100-ton Containment Box Leaves For Gulf Oil Leak Site, Latest Try By BP To Clean Up Crude

America does not have a functioning national government. It is simply a group of people targeting traditional marriage, and other political and financial institutions for destruction.

And the major news media is either President Obama's willing tool or is under their control. Honest liberals who voted for him are embarrassed or now getting vocal and more critical of their "standard bearer".

President Barrack Obama and his entire administration from top to bottom seem to operate on the daily assumption that most citizens will not understand their attempts at destroying America through neglect and the all consuming pursuit of ideology.

As an example, it is possible today that most Americans can research or read online reports that the technology exists for cleaning up an oil spill at the bottom of the ocean and has been in place since 1994 for "overnight use".

The Obama administration finds it more important to pursue gay rights, criminalize Christian beliefs in federal hate crimes legislation, grant special rights to cross dressers and the entire gay rights agenda, oppose tradtional marriage and abolish federal protections for traditional marriage and force homosexual practices on men and women who serve in the military.

16 days ago, the Obama administration can not even notice a giant oil spill after an oil rig exploded April 20.

Due to the Obama Administration neglect this oil spill is now about to destroy the coastal economy of the entire Southern Gulf region. And even after ten days demands that the Obama administration pay attention it still takes the Obama administration yet another week to notice that a plan has been in place since 1994 to deal with oil leaks on the deep ocean floor for situations like this.

This 1994 plan involves the dropping of a 100 ton giant box onto the leak within 24 hours-- overnight.

After 2 weeks, just 48 hours ago, the Obama administration was busy making calls to other countries looking for this same giant box. The word gets around "Mr. President, you have a giant box in storage IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY."

Fire booms or giant boxes. Its seems simple based on a quick research on the internet.

Yet it takes 2 weeks for several thousand liberals in Washington to give the go-ahead or even know about it. Actually, they were not even working on the oil spill at all.

Perhaps soon we will learn all the many technologies not being used by the Obama Administration that require coordination and leadership. To address this neglect Public Advocate provides some online sources on the clean up technology for volunteers who don't have a federal government to help them.

One major discussion involves the third world region so that we can get with the concept that we are really on our own here.

Perhaps some business leaders and foreign navies can assist the oil industry today rather than wait before their countries and companion industries are impacted tomorrow due to the neglect of the Obama administration.

Lansing State Journal Says "Its never been tried"

Containment boxes have never been tried at this depth - about 5,000 feet - because of the extreme water pressure. If all goes well, the contraption could be fired up early next week to start funneling the oil into a tanker.

"We don't know for sure" whether the equipment will work, BP spokesman Bill Salvin said. "What we do know is that we have done extensive engineering and modeling and we believe this gives us the best chance to contain the oil, and that's very important to us."


The "In-Situ Burn" plan produced by federal agencies in 1994 calls for responding to a major oil spill in the Gulf with the immediate use of fire booms.


At the center of a growing controversy over the government and MSRC response were waterborne corrals called "fire booms." Jeffrey Bohleber, chief financial officer for Elastec/American Marine, which makes fire booms in Illinois, told the Mobile Press-Register that a single boom operated from two boats working together could capture and burn approximately 75,000 gallons of oil an hour.

FROM 1999 ONLINE "Fire Booms"

PAGE 31 states clear and simple procedure for collecting oil in the water and burning it using Fire Resistant Containment Booms.

In Situ Burning of Oil Spills Workshop Proceedings
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

by WD Walton - 1999 - Related articles

Most response plans for in situ burning of oil at sea call for the use of a ... conditions to which a fire-resistant oil spill containment boom would be ... One candidate test method would be to deploy a boom at sea under prescribed conditions, corral a .... important features of actual in situ burn conditions. ...

Technical Paper explains "Giant Dome" or Box that goes over the spill.

This Technical Paper discusses Creative and Inventive Methods of Responding to All Kinds of Oil Spills (Many of these methods apply to this oil spill in the gulf).

OSRL Oil Spill Response and East Asia Response Unlimited

Yes, British Petrolium was a full participant along with 105 other energy or oil companies

Page 19, when resources for 3rd world countries are "overwhelmed" all 106 companies agreed to help out quickly - overnight.

"An oil spill response is a multi-demensional and often at times highly political event.....Too many times there have been delays to the response and an increase in the subsequent environmental impacts because there was no coherent effort to mount a response with the clear single objective of reducing damage and cleaning up the spill.,.."

"(the Oil) Industry takes a very serious view on the operational considerations to ensure the all the resources and investment towards maintaining response readiness are brought to bear in the event of an incident.."

"Industry maintains the response readiness based on the operational plan, often at times sparking no cost for preparedness activities. This is where governments could learn from the industry's approach, as it exercises leadership in ensuring that they stand ready in an event of an incident....."

Under "Making the Plan Operational"

From Page 21

"No Two Oil Spills Are Ever the same"

More resources

1998 In Situ Burning of Oil Spills Proceedings
New Orleans, Louisiana

Fundementals of getting rid of 90 per cent of the oil spill

Discussion by Tank Owners Federation: "In-situ burning is the term given to the process of burning oil slicks at sea, at or close to the site of a spill."

Friday May 7: Update from Associated Press: 55 photos including giant container or "containment vessel" to funnel oil