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Delgaudio Applies for Dean of Harvard Law School

Delgaudio Applies for Dean of Harvard Law School
Will Leave as President of Public Advocate If Selected

Satirical Commentary

In a letter to Harvard University President Drew Gilpin Faust, Eugene Delgaudio has asked for consideration to become the next dean of the Harvard Law School.

"Please consider my application to be the next dean of Harvard Law School.

Yes I know Martha Minow, the Dean just got in there to replace Elena Kagan. But in August 2009, President Barack Obama nominated Dean Minow to the board of the Legal Services Corporation and the U.S. Senate confirmed her March 19, 2010. So in all likelihood, the President might nominate her shortly for something in keeping with the quick hires of Harvard Law Deans in the Obama Administration.

And that would, ( yes I know this is opportunistic of me) , create another vacancy that you just had to fill previously when the president nominated another (now) former Dean of the Harvard Law School Elena Kagan to be solicitor general.

Now I know I am extremely limited in my experience. I have only hired lawyers and am not a lawyer myself. I do have a college degree from York College of the City University of New York (Jamaica, Queens) from 1976 and have been the spokesman for Public Advocate since 1981.

But how is this any diferent from President Obama nominating your law dean who has never been a judge herself or even an practicing attorney in any courtroom prior to her recent Senate confirmation as solicitor general.

I would like to think I have a shot to be Dean of Harvard Law School as she is to be a Supreme Court Justice.

Of course, I would resign my current position as President of Public Advocate.

I freely admit my Supreme Court briefs, legal complaints, pleadings, regulatory filings, and financial disclosures have all been signed by lawyers or other certified professionals. And there are only 15 such legal materials for you to review. Barely noticiable by professional legal standards.

But the Internal Revenue Service, the Boy Scouts of America and traditional marriage advocates the world over, do rely on my arguements and sometimes timely writings.

I am primarily a public spokesman and public policy writer with admittedly minimal theatrical production skills.

Please don't judge me for burning Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia's robes when he was part of the Supreme Court five to four decision to allow flag burning some years back. And I insist you overlook all the critics who complain about the 100 other street actions performed by me or my staff over the past 28 years. That would be discriminatory against free speech practictioners.

Looking forward to my interview. Thank you in advance." (unqote)