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Cong. Bob Etheridge (D-NC) Assaults Student On Camera

Congressman Bob Etheridge has apologized but the country is still reeling from his reaction to a young student who asks "Do you fully support the Obama Agenda."

Etheridge grabs the student by the hand and demands to know who he is and then grabs the student by the neck.

Quite a response to a simple political question in Washington or an honest reaction to somebody who would record an elected official's statement.

To be honest it is not just an assault on this one student. It is an assault on freedom of speech, on truth and on all of us.

This has occured on Capitol Hill Before With Jim Moran

This is similar to an incident that occured years ago with Congressman Jim Moran and a young conservative and was then widely publicized by Public Advocate on talk radio and in the national news media.

Years ago young conservative Michael Waller, who is now an accomplished writer and scholar greeted Congressman Jim Moran with the salutation "nice flip-flop on the Iraq War vote" after the Democratic Congressman from Fairfax announced he would support a military action at the time and then voted against the action in the military operation to liberate Kuwait in the first Iraq War under the first President George Bush.

Moran ran after Michael Waller, caught up to him in the Rayburn HOB and then rammed him against a wall demanding "who are you". Waller responded "I am an American and you work for me Congressman".

Moran appeared on a radio talk show on WMAL 630 AM the next day after John Elvin of the Washington Time's Inside the Beltway reported it.

Moran defended himself and said "You do not talk to a member of Congress that way". For two hours over 100 callers demanded Moran to resign and leave Congress. Moran went on to demonstrate many more times his hot temper but has been reelected over and over again.