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Public Advocate to AG: Defend Christians� Civil Rights

Falls Church, VA – Public Advocate of the United States is happy to welcome Judge Al Gonzales as the new Attorney General and we were enthusiastic about his statements during his confirmation about vigorously enforcing the law as Attorney General. His opportunity to prove himself has come quickly.

In Philadelphia Christians are being persecuted for peacefully exercising their first amendment rights at a gay-pride event. The District Attorney's office has decided to prosecute these five brave Christians for politically incorrect, so-called hate speech that could carry up to forty-seven years imprisonment.

Public Advocate believes that the D.A. is acting under pressure from the radical homosexual lobby and must be stopped. "We believe that these charges are ridiculous and are a violation of the Civil Rights of these Christians," Said Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate. "We are calling on Attorney General Gonzales to intervene and put the full furry of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice against the D.A. in Philadelphia."

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