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Liberal Lowlife Perez Hilton Posts Child Pornography?

Liberal Lowlife Perez Hilton Posts Child Pornography For World To See

Pondscum Perez Hilton attacked Miss California on national television and seems to hate women, especially normal attractive young women. Now he posts child porn, but he has taken it down.

Hilton published and distributed to his entire internet tweet list links to indecent photos of 17 year old singer Miley Cyrus getting out of a car in what he considers an "unladylike" fashion.

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio says "This critical opinion coming from a lowlife bottom crawling pro-gay rights screamer is similar to a worm telling an eagle how to fly."

So will authorities prosecute?

Maybe. Depends on the meaning of child pornography according to liberals.

But major legal authorities say it might be open and shut.

CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker, says "(Perez Hilton) may have crossed a legal line with his (Miley) Cyrus posting."

And another assessment: "There are laws against putting that kind of stuff on the Internet, and he could be prosecuted," observes defense attorney Steve Cron.

Psychologist David Swanson calls the post "deeply disturbing. " It's child pornography, and it's normalizing the idea of sexualizing young adolescent girls."

It is the position of Public Advocate that authorities have no choice but to prosecute. There is plenty of evidence and Perez's malace towards young women is well established by his frequent printed remarks on other young women (Perez called one underage star a "slut" for her style of dress) If nothing is done the "Perez Hilton Child Porn defense" will be created and used in abuse cases nationwide. Hilton seems to be stating "I hate young women, I will publish indecent photos of underage children to worldwide audiences. Then just say its free speech."

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