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A bill to eliminate Public Advocate educational campaigns, and those of other conservative groups, during an election period called the the DISCLOSE Act will come before the House Rules Committee TODAY (Wed., 6/23) and could be on the House floor for a vote as early as tomorrow.

A full vote on the floor of the House will give Barney Frank his revenge that he has demanded since Public Advocate founded the Barney Frank House-sitting Squad and condemned him for the house of prostitution he ran in 1990.

Therefore, this could be your last opportunity to influence House action. Contact your Representative NOW.

Following are what we ask you to tell your Member of Congress and Senator in opposing Barney Franks Bill To Abolish Public Advocate or the "Disclose Act".

--The current ban on electioneering communications 30 days prior to primaries and 60 days prior to general elections would be expanded to "90 days before the primary through the general election."

For states with early primaries, this ban could cover as much as nine months, most of which would be while Congress is in session, effectively silencing many lobbying organizations.

--The bill abandons the government's long standing policy or subjecting unions and corporations to similar restrictions. It would give a huge advantage to unions.

--The effective date would be 30 days following enactment. It would not be possible for the FEC to formulate and get approval of the needed forms and regulations before the 2010 election. Therefore, all groups engaging in anything which could be loosely construed as electioneering communications would be at high legal risk of violating undefined regulations. The result would be a severe chilling of political speech for fear of prosecution and severe penalties

The House Rules Committee deadline for amendments was 11:30 am today -- and at least 37 have been submitted thus far.

Liberals seem to be turning America into a Police State. Their new anti-freedom "Disclose" Act will take away your right to criticize government and order a gag on organizations like Public Advocate . We are in a political war and the Liberal Dem's are doing everything they can to sneak this act past the American people and turn our country in a total dictatorship.

This act was designed to overturn the recent Supreme Court decision that restored rights to Public Advocate to criticize an elected official during a campaign. The Disclose Act will destroy member driven or grass roots supporter organizations that have acted in good faith and require them to publicly register members. Now we need to register to voice our opinion? We all know the dangers of being registered-it's one more step towards total abolition of freedom of speech .

This week's highly-publicized effort to exempt the National Rifle Association from the effects of the "Disclose Act," H.R. 5175 shows how fundamentally bankrupt the legislation and its underlying philosophy is.

The attempt by Liberals to essentially buy off the NRA with a tailor-made exemption should be proof enough that the entire measure is morally, if not legally, repugnant and should be rejected by Congress. The exemption clause, if it were to be formally adopted as an amendment to the bill, is probably unconstitutional. We think that is reason enough for Congress to stop H.R. 5175 in its tracks.