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Breaking: Obama Stops Lousiana Dredges as Oil Destroys Wetlands

Breaking: Feds Shut Down Louisiana's Coastal Protection Efforts

From Human Evants online: "Last night, the United States Department of the Interior (under orders from President Barrack Obama) shut down operations by the State of Louisiana to build a series of sand berms to protect the Louisiana coastline from the massive oil slick that continues to drench unabated the fragile marshes, wetlands and beaches along the Louisiana coastline.

The Feds say dredging the sand to build the protective barriers might hurt the environment. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar wants to lose precious time and delay the dredging until new pipe can be delivered that would allow dredging in another area that Salazar feels may be less damaging to the ecosystem.

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.), the man responsible for the sand berm strategy last night had a few choice things to say

(quote) "We got word yesterday that federal officials were going to shut down our dredging operations on the North Chandeleur Islands and those operations were indeed stopped under the federal government's command at 6 p.m. last night."

This is a disaster for our state. Days count. Hours count. We cannot wait for more conference calls and meetings for discussions. (unquote)

Governor Jindal To Feds: Restart Dredging Operations In Louisiana Now

Governor Jindal Tells Feds There is No Time for More Studies, Act Now & Restart Dredging Operations so LA Can Win this War against the Oil Spill.