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PA Exclusive:Australia TV Prime Time Promotes Bestiality

Public Advocate has learned from a pro-Christian website in Australia entitled "In Praise of Baby-Killing and Bestiality" that a prime time news show (not a comedy show, a prime time news debate show) has aired a perverse endorsement of bestiality.

This disgusting and sickening public endorsement of bestiality has been predicted by Public Advocate and roundly mocked by homosexual leaders and pro-homosexual websites in America.

Dozens of liberal blogs today mock the 1996 mock marriage between a man and a donkey opposing same sex marriage conducted by Public Advocate at the 1996 Democratic Party National Convention in Chicago, Illinois

Photos at this link:

Now an entire country, Australia, is numbed by the complete and total acceptance of prime time bestiality.

Bill Muehlenberg a Christian Today Australia Columnist talks about the annual Queen's Birthday honours in which various Australians are chosen to receive the Order of Australia including a militant pro-abortionist who proudly promotes the killing of babies and condemns the Catholic Church and all pro-life laws that stopped the mass murder of abortion until just 18 months ago.

He then comments on Peter Singer as a panelist on ABC television program, "Q&A" (Singer) wondered why in the world we have taboos against bestiality. You can read this incredible article for yourself (see link below). In it he waxes eloquent about the virtues of bestiality, going into great details about the joys of sex with horses, dogs, orang-utans and donkeys.

Quote "(Peter Singer) said there, as he did again last night, that as long as the animal is not hurt or exploited, what is wrong with it? Is that it? As long as the animal is happy, let's go for it? And this guy is a world-renowned ethicist and philosopher. As a strident vegetarian, all that he is really doing here is telling us that it is OK to have sex with animals, as long as we don't eat them afterwards.

Muehlenberg says "So what (Peter Singer on ABC's Q and A) shared last night was nothing new. The amazing thing was that he was not booed off the show. This is incredible. A reputable prime-time debate program which allows some "intellectual" to tell us there is nothing wrong with bestiality. And most of the other panellists did not seem concerned at all."

For the complete report on "Australia Prime Time TV Endorses Bestiality


PROFESSOR PETER SINGER: It is a fact that there is sexual contact between some humans and animals. I was raising the question why we have such a taboo on this. Sometimes it involves cruelty and the infliction of power and dominance on an animal, and clearly I oppose that. There can be occasions, I don't know how much vivid description you want.

TONY JONES: Go ahead.

PROFESSOR PETER SINGER: I'm clearly not on American television tonight, because no American host would have said that.........
(GRAPHIC descriptions follow on link)