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PA Celebrates Court Judgement For Boy Scouts in Philadelphia Case

PA Celebrates Court Judgement For Boy Scouts in Philadelphia Case

A jury has decided in the Boy Scouts favor to keep their facilities which serve inner city youth.

Outside the courthouse, a lawyer for the Boy Scouts, Jason Gosselin, told Fox News the Scouts won on the most important issue, that of First Amendment rights. The jury found the city posed an unconstitutional condition on the organization by asking it to pay $200,000 annual rent on property it was leasing for a dollar a year, in a building the Scouts built and paid for themselves, all because the city felt the Scouts were in violation of Philadelphia's anti-discrimination laws.

"It is a rejection of adult homosexuals seeking to punish a moral youth group dedicated to serving inner city youth who do not have cars to travel to meetings outside the city. It is a victory over political bullies who simply can not get their way under the law so they use intimidation on young people to extort $200,000 from a bare bones social action group devoted to thousands of inner city youth", says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Back in September 2008 Public Advocate filed "right to know" motions with the City of Philadephia and the city of Philadelphia refused to provide any information under their "right to know" laws. In effect the city attempted to close down the Boy Scouts and sabatoged attempts by Public Advocate to stop them.

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