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Sen. Specter�s Comments Cause for Concern

Washington, DC-Public Advocate of the United States, a pro-family, non-profit organization based in Northern Virginia was upset, but not surprised, to learn of liberal Pennsylvania Senator Specter's recent comments about avoiding attempts to stop judicial filibustering. The group lobbied against Specter's election to serve as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee after he lectured President Bush about his conservative judicial appointments shortly after the 2004 election.

Specter latter changed his position and said that he would do whatever it took to see the President's nominees were confirmed, in order to gain the support of the Republican Senate Caucus. Now it looks as if he is returning to his true liberal colors in opposing attempts to stop the unconstitutional filibustering of nominees.

"Senator Specter has flip-flopped on the judicial nominating process so much that he makes John Kerry look consistent," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "It is time for these games to stop. The Republicans must put an end to the unconstitutional judicial filibusters and they must put a conservative in-charge of the Judiciary Committee."

It would take only 51 votes to stop judicial filibustering. It would require a member of the Senate raises a point of order on the senate floor pointing out that a filibuster violates the Senate's constitutional "advise and consent" duty in the judicial appointment process. If the President Pro Tempore of the Senate were to rule that the point was not well taken, his decision could be appealed from, and overturned by a majority vote.

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