Defending the family

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Public Advocate In Solidarity With Catholic Professor Against Attack by U of Ill

In a statement distributed to nationwide supporters, Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate wrote the following:

Here's yet another example of the Homosexual Lobby silencing pro-family voices:

At the University of Illinois, Professor Ken Howell was fired from his position as a teacher of Modern Catholic Thought for privately agreeing with his church's teaching that homosexual sex is immoral.

The professor emailed a student to clarify the Catholic Church's view that homosexuality is contrary to natural law. Unfortunately for the professor, he also mentioned his agreement with his church.

Another student then complained to the head of the religion department declaring that the professor's expressing his opinion on homosexual activity was a "hate crime."

As a result, the professor was relieved at the end of the semester. And while Howell is planning to sue the school for wrongful termination, he is facing an uphill battle in courts infested with liberal activist judges.

This anti-family attack is a good reminder of the seriousness of the battle for family values that we face.

At any moment, your livelihood and your freedom could be threatened for daring to disagree with the Homosexual Agenda privately or publicly -- even discussing it.

And with Thought Control now law, we can expect to hear more outrageous stories like that of Ken Howell.

That is why you and I must redouble our efforts to protect the Family and repeal heinous laws like Thought Control before we lose our freedoms.

I am extremely confident that with the continued support of great Americans like you, we will succeed in our fight for the Family.

But Ken Howell's story reminds us that we must be vigilant and stay active in the many marriage battles that are currently happening throughout the United States.