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TV Stalker Kathy Griffin Attacks Scott Brown's Daughters-- Could Violate FCC Prohibitions

TV Stalker Kathy Griffin Attacks Scott Brown's Daughters
Could Violate FCC Prohibitions

It was too much even for Congressman Barney Frank. And he said as much in a letter.

Here it comes (historians please note) Good for you Congressman Frank.

The Examiner reports "Sen. Scott Brown wasn't pleased when comedian Kathy Griffin referred to his daughters as "prostitutes" in last week's Washington episode of "My Life on the D List."

And apparently Rep. Barney Frank, who made a cameo on the show, didn't like the comedian's assessment either.

On Friday, the Massachusetts Democrat crossed the political aisle and penned a letter defending Ayla and Arianna Brown, though, sadly, never mentioned the word "prostitute."

"Having agreed to go on your show, I was particularly disappointed in the terrible comment you made about Sen. Scott Brown's daughters," Frank began. "I think it's possible to have fun, and even to poke fun at people in my business, without this kind of completely unfair attack."

For your full viewing pleasure, the letter can be downloaded right from Frank's congressional Web site."

Public Advocate feels that Kathy Griffin is not as bad as David Letterman in his attack on a little girl, the young daughter of Sarah Palin. However, it is just shy of the same level of nastiness.

So there is only one response: the daughters should run for public office or even Congress.

They will have lots of money after they collect libel awards from Kathy Griffin and the tv networks.

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