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Liberal "Journalists" to Avoid Like the Plague

Disclaimer: Public Advocate loves most everybody in the American and world news media. Even the liberals.

There we said it. And we mean it.

Thank you all -- most of the members of the news media -- for mostly fair and balanced news coverage since 1981 of Public Advocate events. Except when you ignore us.

After all even when Public Advocate gets condemned for our latest bombastic but peaceful political action, most do spell the name right.

Having said that, some liberal members of the news media never report on Public Advocate. Not once. That really hurts.

It is possible that one of the following did plug an event that we sponsored. But you can be assured they did not mention Public Advocate.

Nevertheless, we will list the (five) "Liberal 'Journalists' to Avoid Like the Plague

Rick Sanchez of CNN is one bizarre character.Sanchez is a liberal who is notorious for presenting half-truths and innuendo to his (meager) audience.

Joy Behar inexplicably has a news analysis show that airs weeknights on HLN.To borrow an oft-used phrase in the conservative blogosphere, Behar suffers from 'Palin Derangement Syndrome' and takes any opportunity she gets to slam the former Alaska governor.

Stephanie Miller is a nationally syndicated talk-radio show host who is a frequent guest on network news shows. In an effort to be funny(?) and relevant (?), Miller continues to attack Tea Part members as "teabaggers."

Chris Matthews on MSNBC pretends to be a hard-hitting journalist...... Matthews is someone who lost relevancy years ago, and is doing just about anything he can to get attention away from Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann on MSNBC likes to think he's smart, but he's a scared, insecure man unable to face anyone on the air with an opposing viewpoint.

For more details go to Human Events (of course) and read everything Jason Rantz publishes or posts.