Defending the family

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Since the news of Dr. Kenneth Howell's dismissal from the University of Illinois became public, thousands of students have been voicing their support for the professor and making efforts to bring him back to the university in the fall

Trisha Tan took classes with Howell at the Institute of Catholic Thought in 2008-2009. Now, Tan is helping organize a "Save Dr. Ken" group on Facebook. The group, which has almost 5,000 members, provides regular updates on Howell's situation, as well as ways for interested individuals to help.

Tan told CNA that she considered the professor's case to be one worth fighting for.

More on the students efforts from CNA

Public Advocate joined and posted this comment on the wall on "Save Dr. Ken"

The University of Illinois will go down in history as the awakening for decent and fair-minded people of all faiths that academic freedom and free speech exists only for liberals and conservatives who stand and fight injustice. If you rest one moment while this man is hung out to dry, you have sentenced yourself to the same treatment.

Link to "Save Dr. Ken" on Facebook