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100s of Washington Area Parents Condemn Liberals Who Ignore Adult Homosexual Predators

100s of Washington Area Parents Condemn Liberals Who Ignore Adult Homosexual Predators

There are hundreds of angry parents responding to the article in the post.

The Post article is appreciated for it exposes a tremendous blind spot in protecting young victims from determined criminals in a public setting.

As far as the the Post and the entire American news media: most informed parents, Churches and the Boy Scouts of America and Public Advocate have been warning about it for years.

Its like noticing liberals like to raise taxes, surrender to America's enemies and increase government spending.

One poster comments "so now after all these years you notice there are homosexual predators attacking teen boys"?

One poster responding to the one Washington Post story on adult homosexual predators says "Notice how the W. Post refuses to mention the word "adult homosexual" in the entire article."

"Ndmom" says " you'll note that the Post never used that term to describe Ricks. True pedophiles -- who target young, prepubescent children and often don't discriminate between boys and girls -- are actually relatively rare among sexual predators. (You can look it up.)

Far more common are homosexual men who prey on teenage boys. Some 80% of the cases involving Catholic priests fit this profile.

There is indeed a link between homosexuality and sexual abuse, but neither the Post nor the rest of the mainstream media dare touch that third rail, lest they Cause Offense.

Much better to keep up the pretense that homosexuality is natural and normal, and that homosexual men are no more likely than heterosexual men to sexually abuse teenagers.

Never mind that fewer than 5% of men are homosexual, and that far more than 5% of teenage victims of sexual abuse are male -- we can keep taking refuge in the meaningless statistic that "most sexual predators are heterosexual married men." And we can count on both ignorance of simple statistics and Political Correctness to prevent any further exploration of the issue. "end of post