Defending the family

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A few hours ago, the Senate fell just short of the votes needed to begin debate on the DISCLOSE Act -- the most disgusting bit of election fixing ever conceived.

Brave conservatives put their lives on the line and sacrificed years to get the U.S. Supreme Court to do its job and restore free speech to those dedicated freedom-fighters who simply want to tell the truth about the liberals who control the news media, the establishment and the levers of power in Washington.



Let us be clear about this: Congress wants to eliminate free speech during election time.

Then they will just expand it to year round.

And that is what a previous "finance bill" called John McCain-Feingold began.

But conservatives went to court and the Supreme Court overturned it.

Liberals still want to cut out your tongue and silence all opposition prior to an election. And then extend it year round.

With this critical legislation now stalled, conservative organizations can publicize the liberal votes and explain the legislation that was passed.

Remember the legislators have not even read the bills they voted on and passed. The President and his entire cabinet do not read any of the legislation.

Even the Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, just makes stuff up and pretends to be a medical doctor and gives the entire medical profession the go ahead "as a medical authority" (which she is not) to perform partial birth abortions.

And Obama's lawyers, in Boston, Massachusetts, argue there is no value for traditional marriage. And the same lawyers argue that the Health Care Tax Increase is not a tax increase a few months ago and now, in Virginia et al litigation argue the opposite case, that the Health Care Tax increase is, actually, a tax increase as a legal defense against Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's briefs.

If you are looking for justice and common sense to protect your right to free speech as it relates to opposing liberal policies, do not look at the "Disclose Act."

Like all the other bad bills and even long standing regulations, the liberals in office have probably not read the Disclose Act either.

So we, you and I, read the legislation and know its bad. But legislators, who don't read it, want the right to silence the only responsible citizens around.

In 1978, at the founding of Public Advocate, the first legislation Public Advocate spoke against in the Congress was "HR One" which would restrict spending in Presidential elections and we predicted that eventually there would be an elimination of all free speech. We are at that point with the Disclose Bill.

To preserve your freedom. To ensure balanced debate. To protect your right to free speech.

That is why Public Advocate, with your support, launched an all-out effort to oppose the DISCLOSE Act and prevent it from going into effect before the November midterm elections.

Liberals press to pass it even now. So we need your support more than ever.

Action on the legislation is delayed in the Senate for now.

But this fight is not over, and the Senate now has two choices: more delay and opposition to eliminating free speech. or the passage of terrible legislation that would destroy free speech and guarantee a liberal monompoly top to bottom even in the streets and with printed phamplets delivered by volunteers.


Next week, your Senators will return home for a month-long recess. It's essential they hear from you -- their constituents -- on this issue. Schedule a meeting or make a quick phone call, whatever works best for you. Tell your Senators why you're happy and delighted the DISCLOSE Act didn't pass, and what actions you'd like to see them take on so-called campaign finance reform this fall. You should want any so-called "free speech limiting" legislation killed.

Our Republic belongs to freedom seeking Americans -- not liberal special interests who wish to silence your voice, to blind your eyes and to make your ears go deaf.

No more billboards, no more posters, no more leaflets, no more electronic messages, no more bumper stickers, no more radio shows, no more news conferences, the list is endless of the tremendous adverse impact on the communication ability of conservative groups.

Since 1978 Public Advocate has helped citizens make informed decisions through nonpartisan outreach and education. (I joined PA as Executive Director in 1981).

This is a major victory but we will continue to work toward preserving your right to free speech to ensure informed voters remain the cornerstone of our Republic.

Thanks for all you do,

Eugene Delgaudio