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Public Advocate Volunteers Help Stop Schumer "Thought Control" Legislation

Washington, DC – Public Advocate volunteers braved snow, wind and the freezing cold today on Capitol Hill today mocking Sen. Charles Schumer's amendment to the Bankruptcy Reform bill that would have prohibited pro-life activists from seeking bankruptcy protection.

The group's "Thought Control Police" had a "Prisoner of Thought Control," being persecuted for being a politically incorrect demonstrator. The political street theatre mocked the outrageous anti-first amendment legislation that Schumer introduced specifically targeted pro-life demonstrators, while ignoring liberals who do similar acts.

The volunteers also handed out monopoly style, "Go Directly to Jail Cards" that encouraged people to contact their Senators to defeat the Schumer amendment.

"This proves yet again that liberals only support free speech and civil rights for other liberals," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "The idea that protesters would be singled out for their political ideology flies in the face of the first amendment."
Shortly after the Public Advocate event the Senate narrowly defeated the Schumer amendment by a vote of 46 to 53. While the vote was a victory for pro-family Americans, the small margin shows the continued danger that faces citizens with politically incorrect morals and beliefs.

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