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Coulter, Norquist and Goproud: On a Fraud And Scam quest

Coulter, Norquist and Goproud: On a Fraud And Scam quest

Public Advocate says "nuts" to turncoats who surrender their souls to the leviathan (big) government principles so that they can gain a new client or retainer.

Genuine Conservatives are not people who want government expansion and do not like it when phoney conservatives embrace Big Goverment.

Recently, Grover Norquists new group "GOProud", "representing gay conservatives and their allies, announced that conservative author Ann Coulter is headlining their first annual Homocon - a party to celebrate gay conservatives." (unquote from GOProud)

Mr. Norquist, I know conservatives. Saying you are a conservative and supporting government spending increases, increase regulations, and installing a special protected and powerful new class make you a liberal.

It is a fraud when big government conservatives claim to be "small government" or, separately, now, when you promote the so-called gay rights front.

So if you can't beat "big government conservatives" you now join them?


Public Advocate says "nuts" to them. And all liberals. We will continue to fight.


This is called betrayal. When "self-proclaimed conservatives" embrace increased taxes, regulation, the destruction of traditional values and using the federal government to empower a class of people who are not recognizable but simply on the basis of their "behavioral style" (self pro-claimed homosexuals) than those conservatives are frauds.

The Federal Legislative Priorities of "goproud" another Log Cabin style Republican caucus is really just another militant gay lobby demanding the same exact things that the Human Rights Campaign Fund wants. Its a gay lobby front constructed to defraud the public.

On a directly political level, putting a "conservative label" on liberal policies is a false premise.

For example: Public Advocate is for limited government and opposes federal legislation for "gay rights"on traditional grounds and also on many other grounds: it expands government, crushes productive family oriented culture and is even not in the interests of the "protected class" it targets.

And real "gay conservatives" don't want anything to do with expanding government, putting quotas on how many "gays" get hired and making an entire branch of government deciding how many "gays" are hired by the government or private industry.

Public Advocate is the true conservative group that can be supported by all conservative Americans.

When we say we are anti-tax increase, we also oppose increased spending across the board.

When Public Advocate says we are opposed to liberals, we do not look for common ground to help liberals.

On the other hand there is "GOPround" and company.

The homosexual lobby wants to make it illegal for Christians or moral Americans to voice their opposition to corruption and immorality. The homosexual lobby wants to force employers and the federal government to silence all Christian employees and bar any Christians from employment in America.

Grover Norquist, Ann Coulter and GOPround now support "hate crimes and employment protections (as)... worthy goals" which would accomplish this wholesale Christian bashing.

It is not "tax reform" to ask Congress, as Mr. Norquist, et al, asks, to pass " domestic partner tax equity". Its called using the government to root and destroy traditional marriage which is the backbone of the taxpayer and future taxpayer machine in the United States of America and the world.

It is not "conservative" to be "Opposing any anti-gay federal marriage amendment". Defending traditional marriage is the conservative position.

The bottom line is that there exist phoney spokespeople who think they need to form a new group and back liberal policies.

How about this: Public Advocate is in favor of anybody (anybody) supporting our positions. We will not discriminate on any basis except if it illegally obtained donations.

Thats what Norquist and company have done in the past. But that's not what is good enough any more it seems for political scammers. They get greedy it seems. They want it both ways. How are they any different from liberals who claim to be conservative.

So we have "conservatives" who claim to be "liberal".

This new group is not "homo con" as they claim. They are "homo scam".

Source for "Federal Legislative Priorities" from "gopround"