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Public Advocate Responds To Hate Attack On Christian Free Speech

"Public Advocate is preparing a complete range of traditional political support for the victim of anti-Christian rage exhibited by despotic Administrative staff at a taxpayer supported state university, the Augusta State University in Augusta, Georgia, " announced Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, at a news conference in Washington, D.C.



"In the past Public Advocate has employed direct mail, robo calls to entire State populations, meetings with church and religious leaders, legislation at the state and national levels, news conferences, advertisements on the internet, polling, post card mailings, rallies, speaking tours, news media interviews, published books and papers on topics and the most dreaded form of political street theater in the political history of American politics, satire. Public Advocate will consider these methods and some new methods involving some low and high technology in this campaign to bring justice to this student. We are all in, said Delgaudio.

Delgaudio also said:

Our demands include: The full rights of the student must be immediately restored and assurances be made publicly that the student will not be threatened with academic penalties for the student's religious beliefs. A policy must be announced that no student who simply expresses their religious beliefs will be singled out or attacked in a similar manner again.

And as part of this effort to restore justice and the right to hold religious beliefs independent of college administrators who wish to eliminate free thinking, Public Advocate will ask for public reaction and support. And we will specifically ask Americans to sign a petition to punish Augusta State University.

Photos Posted

Street Signs Posted In Agusta to survey public support for the right to hold Christian Religous views and in support of the student threatened with expulsion