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Public Advocate Thanks Joe Farah and WND, Condemns Gay-rights activists seducing conservatives

Public Advocate Thanks Joe Farrah and WND

Gay-rights activists seducing conservatives

WND Responds And Drops Coulter As Speaker

From WND "It caused Sean Hannity to pull out of last February's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., where he had been slated to appear as keynote speaker. When Hannity withdrew from the CPAC lineup, Glenn Beck stepped in. (Though this has not been previously reported, my source is highly placed and utterly reliable.)

It was also a big reason Gov. Sarah Palin opted not to speak at CPAC, long the nation's largest and most influential annual gathering of conservatives.

It caused WorldNetDaily, as well as major conservative institutions like Liberty University, to drop their planned sponsorship of the (CPAC) event.

"It" -- is GOProud, the homosexual activist organization masquerading as a "traditional conservative" group, whose acceptance as official sponsor of CPAC caused many traditionally minded individuals and groups to pull out - on principle. GOProud is being embraced by many big-tent Republicans, ever-hoping they'll win elections and power by compromising on the core values that underpin a free America.

Yesterday, "it" caused WorldNetDaily to drop conservative superstar Ann Coulter from the speaker lineup of WND's upcoming "Taking America Back" conference in Miami. Why? Because Coulter is scheduled to be the much-ballyhooed keynote speaker at GOProud's big "HOMOCON 2010" bash next month. Although WND warned Coulter repeatedly that she would be giving major legitimacy to what is really a gay-activist group and its subversive agenda, and that if she went ahead we would not in good conscience be able to feature her at our conference, she didn't relent and we were forced to disinvite her.

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