Defending the family

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"Expendables" Style Assault on Child Traffickers

SCTNOW: Plan Community Walks This Fall 2010

They are lean and ernest and accomplish a lot for a little money up front. Similar to the current movie Expendables, this small and new group of devotees help authorities all over investigate, arrest and convict child traffickers in the USA.

They are called Stop Child Trafficking Now.

Using "special operatives" that volunteer and train other "special operatives" they use modern police techniques to assist official agencies. They make Oliver North look like a tenderfoot in using private means to accomplish a public good.

They even have a Congressional sponsor to fund the project to $45 million and, no surprise, its Chris Smith of New Jersey, the pro-life leader for many years who also specializes in international charity causes (along with Frank Wolf of Virginia).

They plan 36 community walks in the United States and worldwide and have set up a system to sponsor your own community walk.

This is the general website