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Another Student Executed Scholastically By Liberal Academics

Another Student Executed Scholastically By Liberal Academics

Call Eastern Michigan U. To Protest Today

Message from Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio

This is appalling. Last week I informed you that Jennifer Keeton was being forced into "homosexual re-education camp", or face expulsion from her masters degree program at Augusta State University.

It seems that radical homosexuals took this as a sign of strength. And now they are persecuting yet another young lady for her Christian beliefs.

Julea Ward has been removed from her from her college graduate program for stating her Christian belief that homosexuality is immoral.

Setting a precedent for Christian expulsions across the nation, U.S. district Court Judge George Caram Steeh of Michigan, ruled in favor of Eastern Michigan University expelling Julea for standing up for traditional marriage, pro-family values and child protection.

The radical homosexuals and their leftist allies are trying to silence the voice of the next generation of Christians.

We must support our young people who hold forth the light of Christian beliefs.

I need your help now to show these courageous young people that they do not stand alone in their fight.

If colleges can act with impunity and eject students for not parroting the Homosexual Agenda with glee, what is next?

Eastern Michigan University has declined to comment on the looming lawsuit, and Walter Kraft, EMU's spokesman is "pleased" with Julea Wards expulsion.

If you would like to contact the president of Eastern Michigan University, you can call 734-487-2211.

Thankfully, good people like you are standing beside Julea and Public Advocate to fight the erosion of Pro-Family values in America.