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10,000 petitions to Georgia Governor and Legislators Demand De-funding of College

10,000 petitions to Georgia Governor and Legislators Demand De-funding of College

Years ago the late Governor William Donald Schaefer responded to young students, (trained by Public Advocate), leading the charge against his planned 1992 presidential campaign by cutting 50 million dollars out of the University of Maryland system.

Schafer had a history of confronting critics late at night and was rumored to be planning a run for President of the United States in 1992. As part of his preparation for a Presidential run he planned tax increases of one billion dollars and the immediate registration of 36 kinds of normal firearms in the 1990 session of the Maryland legislature. Schafer needed "leftist credentials".

Annapolis was never the same after Public Advocate staged what is still considered one of the most captivating political production to protest the planned tax hike and mandatory gun registration.

Both bills were voted down in committees on that Friday afternoon, hours after a widely publicized multi-media event at the Maryland capitol, organized by Public Advocate.

Today we are in a depression and taxpayer money is tight. But Public Advocate is responding to the academic execution of one student in Georgia. And university administrators underestimate the resolve of their victims and their families and their neighbors to fight back and beat them.

The planned academic execution of a student at "Augusta State University" (University System of Georgia) requires a response from conservatives in America and they are getting a proper response from Public Advocate.

Last week posters dotted the roadways of Georgia.

This week Public Advocate collected 10,000 petitions signed and headed to the Governor and the state house where decisions are made about funding levels.

In a letter to the governor, candidates of both parties, and legislators, Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio says in part:

"Your job is to prevent the current lynching of one student and save future victims from this wrongful persecution. Holding religious beliefs obedient to God and His values is not to be a target for agnostic robed bible burners seeking vengence for their dispicable anti-God agenda using taxpayer dollars. Supporters of Public Advocate in Georgia and the nation are watching your actions to restrict the wholesale academic execution of faithful young Christians. You have many options among them the strong signal of reducing the funding as a condemnation of this wrongful act."

Our goal is to collect 100,000 petitions nationwide and in Georgia supporting cuts in Augusta State University tax funding.

Churches and social groups are being mailed petition packages to boost the number of petitions and online facebook advertisements targeting college and high school students in Georgia are planned.