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Public Advocate's Project Iowa to Join Repeal Judges Effort In Iowa

Public Advocate's Project Iowa to Join Repeal Judges Effort In Iowa

Public Advocate plans on increasing their Iowa budget to ensure the return of traditional marriage in that state.

The Washington Post reports "Conservative activists are trying to oust three judges on the state Supreme Court whose unanimous ruling last year legalized same-sex unions. Their decision stunned opponents nationwide and delighted advocates who were eager for a victory in the heartland.

Now, conservatives are staging an unusual campaign that aims to defeat the judges in November.

"We need to vote them off the bench to send a message across Iowa that we, the people, still have the power," said Bob Vander Plaats, a Republican politician who is spearheading the campaign. "Not only will it send a message here in Iowa, but it will send a message in California, in Arizona and across the country that the courts have really taken on too much power."

The Post Reports on Iowa Effort

Public Advocate is considering postcards, robocalls, internet communications and other inexpensive but effective political methods to alert the public that there is an election and these judges who voted to overturn traditional marriage are on the ballot.

"We have a new Public Advocate operation from last year and it includes a better phone system, a better network on the internet and a social network that is competetive with the liberal opposition. Public Advocate's Project Iowa has maintained a 24 hour a day 7 day a week on-line effort and never left Iowa. We have a presence already there. It is possible that we can reach Iowa voters cheaply and our modest group will attempt to accomplish that. The public needs to know about judges who decided to overturn traditional marriage", said Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

In the case of Public Advocate, a 501 c 4 non-profit, the group will not endorse or suggest any action for or against any candidate. But Public Advocate may mail a notice of the court decision, the names of the public officials and the fact that these judges need to hear from the citizens "now."

Last year, PA President Eugene Delgaudio spoke in live news media interviews in Iowa. At the time, Public Advocate supporters were going door-to-door in Iowa, in a targeted district, to explain to legislative leader Paul McKinley's constituents that he, McKinley, is not doing all he can to defend marriage. The citizens were asked to tell Paul McKinley "stop cowering and start leading."

Phone calls were made by Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio to 75,000 Iowans in six districts demanding Democrats and Republicans to support traditional marriage.

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