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Feds Give 250 Child Porn Buyers A Pass?

A new report documents how the federal government, busy suing Arizona for upholding national law regarding illegal aliens, has ignored all but a handful of documented cases of the purchase of child pornography by workers at the Department of Defense.

The report comes from Yahoo News, which said the information comes from a 2006 Immigration and Customs Enforcement review of the online purchases of child porn.

The report said the investigation discovered more than 250 workers - both civilian and military - in the Defense Department who charged porn to their credit cards or used their PayPal accounts.

However, only a "handful" even were investigated, the report said, citing Defense Department records.

The Yahoo report said the Pentagon's Defense Criminal Investigative Service, in a related investigation, found those who appeared to be purchasing child porn included staffers for the secretary of defense, contractors for the National Security Agency and workers in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The report says information obtained by the website The Upshot under the Freedom of Information Act shows 264 Defense employees or contractors had bought child porn online. Nine of those held "Top Secret Sensitive Compartmentalized Information" clearances. But only 52 were investigated, and only 10 were charged.

Among those identified but not charged was an active-duty lieutenant colonel in the Army as well as an official in the office of the secretary of defense.

Yahoo said its source, familiar with Project Flicker, said the inquires lapsed because of agency priorities and departmental resources.

Source for this news from WORLD NET DAILY