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Happy Halloween! Sex Offenders Required To Spend Halloween In Meeting

What is your town or city doing?

Today, October 31, in Frederick, Maryland a suburb of Washington, D.C. takes action during the "trick or treat" time tonight.

While many homeowners will be opening their doors to candy-seeking children on Halloween, local authorities will be ensuring some doors remain closed.

Local child sex offenders will be required to attend a meeting at an undisclosed location in the county on Halloween.

"The important thing is that child sex offenders are going to be incapacitated during trick-or-treat times," said George V. Kirk, supervisor of the Frederick field office of the state Division of Parole and Probation.

Lisa Nordan-Haller, DPP victim services coordinator for six counties, including Frederick, will be giving a presentation to the offenders. The division will also be updating its records on the offenders.

Kirk expects 75 to 80 offenders at the meeting and will be going to the homes of those who don't show up. Unless they have a documented medical excuse, working or "a really good excuse," their absence will not be tolerated.

"We would probably request a warrant," Kirk said.

Besides Kirk, Parole and Probation Field Supervisor Hilari Young, agents Lee Burker, Christi Fleagle, Sherri Robinson and Jaime Thompson, and lab technician Matt Trail will assist with the meeting.

Offenders whose victims were not children will not have to attend, but are required to place a "No Candy" sign on their doors and leave their porch lights off. They will not be allowed to participate in Halloween activities and must stay at home beginning at 6 p.m. Sunday.

Registered sex offenders who have completed their parole and probation requirements will not be required to attend the meeting or post a sign.

Some municipalities such as Woodsboro and Brunswick will be having their trick-or-treating on Saturday. Kirk will be checking to make sure sex offenders are in compliance.

Lt. Bryan Brown of the Brunswick Police Department said officers will assist in the checks pending calls for service and availability.

Source Frederick News as posted at WTOP News 103.5 FM in Washington, 24 hours a day

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