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Forced Public "Porno Scan" and Groping of Thousands

TSA checkpoints:Real-life horrors
Forced Public Disrobbing and Groping of Thousands of Innocent Victims?

Drudge Report, Fox News, Mark Levine, World Net Daily, and many conservative news sites are explaining how outrageous new methods of "security" are actually gross invasions of privacy and harrassment. The new scan machines at airports are "public disrobings" and if you don't allow a "public disrobing" then you get a seriously invasive body search with embarassing gropping, according the dozens of published and live reports.

Here's WND's report and includes a warning of "links with graphic images".

"Dozens of real-life horror stories have poured into WND in the 24 hours since a special hotline e-mail was set up to allow people to report their close encounters of the TSA kind, including a 70-year-old whose fudge "contraband" was discovered, a Los Angeles passenger who was "groped" four times and a man who was the target of a TSA screaming fit when he chose to opt-out of the "porno scan."

The options now are to have a full-body scan that essentially produces a nude image of the passenger or opt out of that procedure and endure a full-hands-on body pat-down that includes private parts

Public Advocate says like the auto industry, the health industry and the banking industry and the world economy, it seems the Obama administration is bound and determined to destroy the entire air travel network overnight.

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