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Veterans Day Explosion: One Million Flags Being Delivered to School That banned the American Flag

Denair Middle School in Sacremento, California is about to get a lot more patriotic. A group is sending a million U.S. flags to the school after hearing school officials asked a student to remove a flag from his bike.

And Public Advocate will do its part in the effort by getting supporters to send at least 10,000 flags.

Rhonda Lyn Cooper, with said she got a link to FOX40's story about 13-year-old Cody being asked to remove his American Flag. Her friends told her "you gotta check out this story ... You will be shocked."

"At first I thought this was a joke, who would take an American flag away from a child," Cooper told FOX40.

Cooper is going to send a small American flag to the school each day.

Cooper is maintaining the entire campaign on her internet website at and there is a news video of the 13 year old boy flying the flag from his bike also posted

Cooper says:

"My readers asked for me to help, (they know I support our Veterans and our troops 100% on my sites) and to take action, so I did!

I quickly put into action- Project "Red White and Blue"!

We are going to mail out a "million small American flags" to this middle school. I am thankful for Fox 40 for covering this story; we must stand up to attacks on our flag. Therefore, I ask all patriots to join in by mailing a small American flag to:

Denair Middle School
3701 Lester Road
Del Rio, CA 95316