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Today is Opt Out Day for Porno Scanners At Airports-- Do your job America and Opt Out Today

The Washington Examiner reports: A Virginia man is calling for a boycott of those new full-body scanners on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Brian Sodergren, of Loudoun County, flies about eight-to-10 times a year but has not yet been through a full body scanner. But he knows they violate his sense of privacy.

"I think it's an unreasonable search," he said. "I don't think the government has the right to be able to see under anyone's clothes that they want."

So he created, hoping it will prompt what he calls an act of "civil obedience" on Wednesday Nov. 24, the busy travel day before Thanksgiving. He's urging air travelers to refuse to go through body scanners. Sodergren expects for many the alternative -- the new, enhanced pat down -- won't be much better. His intent is that both security checks get more scrutiny.

"If you're really aggrieved about it, write your member of Congress, write the airlines and voice your frustration," he said. "I think the people should have a voice and we should be able to change this if we don't like it.