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WP Editorial CONDEMNS Education Establishment

WP Editorial CONDEMNS Education Establishment "Not blowing the whistle" on 30 Years of Child Molesting

Washington Post yes the Washington Post condemns the public and private school system for not protecting young students from the predator who used the public school system for THIRTY YEARS to abuse young boys.

A FORMER Manassas schoolteacher suspected of decades of sexual abuse of boys and young men is finally being held to account...... T

The WP editorial says "A disturbing aspect about this case is how Mr. Ricks was able to move from one teaching job to the next with no one raising a red flag. Apparently he was able to game the system by moving between states and switching between private and public schools. Still, as The Post's investigation revealed, there were cases in which school officials or foreign-exchange companies knew of or suspected he was not behaving appropriately. Their response, though, was simply to let his contract lapse without revealing to his next employer what they suspected."