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VICTORY: Porno Scan Machines Off At Dulles Airport Thanksgiving Day



You will not see this on the nightly news or read it on the Associated Press which reported "OPT OUT" as a bust with no long lines. The entire major news media reports "no major problems" during the Thanksgiving rush.

That is because the TSA turned the machines off. They were not on.

Pejman Yousefzadeh posts this report:

(At Dulles Airport)" I saw the backscatter machines, duos of blue boxes set up in a neat row, interspersed unassumingly with the "normal" metal detectors. But there was a problem: there was no one going through them. They weren't even turned on. Was there some recent change in the security screening mandates that I hadn't heard about?

No, no official policy change. But that's right, each one of the $150,000 backscatter machines was sitting completely idle, roped off from use. All passengers were being screened through the normal machines, and no one was receiving any additional pat-down scrutiny......

UPDATE: Apparently, the backscatter machines were turned off in lots of locales. Why? Because of National Opt-Out Day; turning off the backscatter machines meant that there was no need to opt out, which meant that people didn't opt out or report legions of opt-out incidents, which meant that the TSA was spared a public relations embarrassment.

Entire report is posted by Pejman Yousefzadeh at