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Repeal Special Rights For Homosexual TSA Agents Now

TSA has tried to avoid possible sexual misconduct but the current Obama Administration presidential order to grant special rights to homosexuals and preferences for job hiring punishes anyone who observes sexual misconduct on the part of homosexual TSA agents.

TSA is not allowed to even state that homosexual misconduct is a problem if it is or becomes a problem. They would be fired under the Obama Presidential Order against "non-discrimination".

Passing more federal "protections" will merely make jobs like TSA more problemic and hypocritical.

Public Advocate demands homosexual TSA screeners be treated the same as heterosexual screeners.

Public Advocate demands homosexual TSA agents conducting full body pat-downs be treated the same as heterosexual conducting full body pat-downs.

The Gay Lobby and their allies refuse to admit that homosexual TSA agents are capable of sexual misconduct.

Homosexuals are subject to the same temptations as heterosexuals and should have to abide by the same rules.

Public Advocate is asking for balance. But under the current law, and if additional laws are passed (Gay Bill of Rights, etc.) then it will continue to be out of balance.

But that is the homosexual agenda. To have laws in place that treat them differently and essentially exempt them from prosecution

To resolve this the Barack Administration executive order granting preferences and special priviledges for homosexuals can be amended to exempt TSA agents performing these duties at the airports.