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PA VERSUS TSA: We will not submit!

In a letter sent on the internet Saturday, December 4, Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said the following:

I took a stand against the TSA and their "porno scanners" and blatant groping.

And I took a stand against their policy of "non-discrimination" which subjects you and me to humiliation and dehumanization at the hands of practicing homosexuals.

I certainly don't think that all TSA employees are homosexual. Many of them are probably as disgusted in having to do what they have been told to do -- treat all of as though we are terrorists.

But since all touching and feeling is done by TSA employees as the same sex as the passenger --it provides a dream job for some militant homosexuals.

_I took a stand because it exposes those most precious to us -- our children - to explicit sexual touching by practicing homosexuals_.

And the Homosexual Lobby's lackeys in the media hate me for it.

But that's not even the worst part of this radical agenda.__

It confuses our children into thinking this sort of explicit sexual contact is somehow ok in certain situations -- and by strangers no less!

And this is their scheme to grow their ranks.

_You see, Homosexuals do not reproduce. They must recruit our children into their filthy perversion to increase their numbers_.

Nearly every single homosexual was once the prey of an older man getting off on corrupting them with sin.

If they teach our children that groping by strangers is a socially acceptable practice, their evil is that much easier.

So I took a stand.

But because I took that stand, I've fallen victim to the most insidious and vicious attacks I've ever seen in my 30 years fighting for the family.

_You see, the Homosexual Lobby HATES whenever anyone challenges their agenda_.

They hate when anyone even /questions/ the problems that will arise in the brave new world they envision.

And they despise those of us who shine light upon their schemes.

I've seen their rage firsthand the last few days.

My office has been nearly shut down by angry phone calls and outrageous messages from Radical Homosexuals across this country.

And the media, left and right, is smearing my pro-family message as "hate speech" and "homophobia."

But I've also received hundreds of emails and phone calls from Public Advocate supporters thanking me for taking a stand.

And I want to make something clear right now:

_I absolutely refuse to be silenced by the thought control that homosexuals are imposing upon our nation in the name of "political correctness_."

The American people have a right to know that the new security measures by the TSA may expose them to sexual assault by every manner of sexual deviants.

They have a right to know that TSA doesn't even care.

The TSA is even PROUD of hiring open homosexuals to carry out the violation of our rights.

_And I won't take it anymore_.

Will you stand with me?

You and I need to send a LOUD and CLEAR message to the Homosexual Lobby AND the TSA.

We will not submit!

Please call the congressional switchboard at *202-224-3121*

Tell both your senators and congressman that this is wrong and that it must end.

_But I hope you'll do more_.

You see, the best way to stick it to the Homosexual Lobby is for Public Advocate to have the resources to combat their radical agenda.

That's why I hope you'll contribute today.

In fact, I'm counting on it.

The next time I get a call from the media I must be able to tell them: "America supports Public Advocate!"

So, will you make your most generous donation right now?

Thanks for your support as I face the vicious attacks from the drive-by media.

For the Family,

Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate