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Did Barney Frank Find More Fulfilling Work at TSA?

Americans for Truth responds to critics who question their opposition to TSA policies:

Folks, needless to say, countless irrational homosexual hissy fits were had over our common-sense observation that if the TSA is not allowing men to frisk women at airports, then it should not allow homosexual men to frisk other men, nor lesbians to frisk women. ("Bi" TSA agents? You figure it out….) It seems even homosexual activists can't take seriously the logical implications of their own definition of homo-sexual "sexual orientation" (defining oneself as being sexually attracted to the same sex).

As we noted, that doesn't mean every "gay" male TSA agent is going to get his jollies frisking a man (or a boy…?), but neither would every hetero male TSA agent get over-excited frisking a woman (or a girl)

. Hateful and angry "gay" activists (how's that for an oxymoron?) are so caught up in victim-politics and pseudo-civil rights - even as they vilify and de-humanize their foes and work to undermine religious freedom - that they've forgotten that their movement is based on (perverse) sexual desires

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