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Low Life Bully Congressman Jim Moran Libels Catholic League and all Catholics

Here's a member of Congress who has beaten members of the public who simply hail him on a public sidewalk.



Known for his tough talk and violent overreaction now he stridently supports taxpayer paid for pornography and libels moral crusaders with lies.

Rep. Jim Moran, Democrat of Virginia, is angry at Catholic League president Bill Donohue for protesting the anti-Christian video that was removed from the Smithsonian Institution; it was part of a larger art exhibit. What he said about Donohue, as quoted in the Washington Post, went beyond mere criticism. Moran said Donohue "implicitly condoned all the pedophilia that was going on in the church."

Donohue responded (in part)

"Congressman Moran has been accused of being an anti-Semite by his own Jewish colleagues in the House of Representatives, and he has a track record of bashing the Catholic Church. So it is not a shocker that he has returned to the well again."

Moran should be investigated and censured by the House.