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Homosexuals Ride Lame Ducks And Destroy U.S. Military

A former Presidential candidate who's own wife campaigns for so-called gay rights could not stomach a deal making Lame Duck mob destroying the U.S. Military on his "watch".

It seems that John McCain's own Log Cabin Republican arrangements is one thing for the civilians but not for the military. Well thank you Senator McCain for taking a stand at this late date!

Conservative critics were eloquent and we will post them but since the policy to allow open homosexuals into the military was dealing with patriotic men in combat, here's what a traditional liberal who served in combat and was held in a prisoner of war camp said:

(Hollywood dot com )

John McCain who has served in the military said: "Today's a very sad day." He blamed elite liberals with no military experience for pushing their social agenda on troops during wartime. "They will do what is asked of them," McCain said of service members. "But don't think there won't be a great cost."

(Huffington Post)

McCain, on the Senate floor, has complained loudly about the packed Senate lame-duck schedule. "So here we are, about 6 weeks after an election that repudiated the agenda of the other side, and we are jamming, or trying to jam, major issues through the Senate of the United States, because they know they cannot get it done beginning next January 5," McCain said during debate over DADT on Saturday.

"My friends, there is a lot of talk about compromise. There is a lot of talk about working together. You think what this bizarro world that the majority leader has been carrying us in, of cloture votes on this, votes on various issues that are on the political agenda of the other side -- to somehow think that beginning next January 5 we will all love one another and kumbaya? I do not think so. I do not think so," said McCain. Earlier that week, he accused Democrats of "fooling around" with other issues while the START treaty was the most pressing business.

The Washington Post says over and over again:

"There is no need for further debate on ending the ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military."

But this is only a temporary victory for the Lame Duck Homosexual Lobby , as we have just begun to fight and repeal efforts will begin momentarily.

Source for above reference from Washington Post