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Saturday's SAT Question Formally Ends Education in America

The American education system seems to take pride in destroying even a minimum standard of academic principles.

Last Saturday the "SAT college admissions test" asked its test takers a question about reality television which automatically failed anyone (almost one third of the entire test is a written essay) who does not know what "reality television" is.

From Shine's Parenting column (online) "Students, parents, and school officials are crying foul over an essay question on last Saturday's SAT college admissions test, in which test-takers were asked to consider the merits, if any, of reality television.

"I know basically nothing about reality TV, so I just had to talk about the few shows that I did know about and their effects on long-term mentality. Ugh," one student wrote on the discussion boards at College Confidential."

Liberals think its okay to test writing skills in this fashion. Normal People are outraged. Public Advocate posts this story as an example of dysfunctional liberal practices.

Public Advocate asks how about testing teachers on the ten commandments and being able to recite the alphabet?

According to Shine's Parenting column: "Students have 25 minutes to complete the essay, which counts for 30 percent of the overall writing-section score (grammar questions count for the other 70 percent). The writing section was added in 2005 and is worth a total of 800 points, bringing the highest possible SAT score up to 2,400."

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