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Public Advocate Applauds Texas House for Protecting Kids

Falls Church, VA – Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio congratulates the Texas House of Representatives for having the courage to stand up to the radical homosexual lobby by passing legislation that would stop homosexuals from being able to serve as foster parents. The bill, which now faces an up-hill battle in the State Senate, is an important step towards protecting some of Texas' most vulnerable kids.

"These brave legislators have shown true valor in the fight for the American family by standing up against political correctness and standing up for kids who are often come from abuse and are among the most vulnerable members of our society," said Delgaudio. "The question now before the Texas Senate is, what is more important, giving in to the radical homosexual lobby or taking these children out of harms way.

"There are so many heroes out there that are willing to take these kids under their protection during their time of need. We must not keep the foster parent pool polluted in favor of political correctness."

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