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Forget the Alamo! Texas Caves To Threats From Feds

Texas legislators killed the bill to make it a felony for TSA officers to grope passengers after TSA threatened to close down all the airports in Texas.

The bill is house bill 1937 and was in the Senate for a vote.

This is the state the ignited a nation to defend itself after the attack by Mexico on the Alamo. Remember the Alamo was our refrain.

Now Texas has caved in. Surrendered.

100 people protested led by talk show host Alex Jones who first came to the House and then were sent to the Senate.

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst said he did not have the votes to pass the law and only learned he did not have the votes after debate started. reports:

Republican Dan Patrick, who was the sponsor of the bill in the Senate, withdrew it when he realized he would not have the votes he needed to pass it.

"There was a time in this state, there was a time in our history, where we stood up to the federal government and we did not cower to rules and policies that invaded the privacy of Texans," he said with regret, reports the Texas Tribune. No last stand for Texas this week.

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